How we helped:

Social Media Marketing


Basel, Switzerland

An Instagram Campaign to create Brand Awareness for a new service offering.

Who Are they?

Beauty Praxis Basel, located on Freiestrasse in Basel-Stadt, is one of the most prestigious clinics in Basel that offers a wide range of body and facial treatments, from skin rejuvenation to wrinkle removal, lymphatic metabolism improvement, skin whitening and acne removal.

Challenge and Solution

With demand for skin procedures on the rise, Beauty Praxis Basel wanted to showcase their services on Instagram through posts and stories to increase awareness and build a community of followers.

We ran an Instagram campaign with 8 posts, each talking about the different service offerings, the procedure, and the benefits to clients. This in turn created engagement with the local and expat population, in Basel. New followers were added and specific CTA’s were initiated to book appointments for various procedures.