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Crafting valuable experiences that push brands forward.

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Why Digital Design?


Shared clarity in vision amongst team members, partners, and clients allows for the creation of an authentic company perception.


A strong digital puts your best foot forward – building trust throughout the team and increasing loyalty amongst clients.


Best-in-Class digital presence is the proclamation of goals to be reached. Once shared amongst the team, the company is empowered to extend to new markets and increase sales.

Digital Products Customers Love

Why all aspects of your company?

Our purpose is to incite full transformation. In order to create a true understanding of your authentic digital experience, we must touch all of the aspects that contribute to who you are as a company, and what you do.

We'll work with

Leadership teams

For Digital vision and definition.

Sales teams

To uncover multi-faceted differentiation.

Marketing teams

To provide tools and strategies to engage.

Product/service teams

To enhance the customer experience.

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We go the extra mile

We develop with the future of your brand in mind. Where do you want to go, which channels are you going to use to get there, and where will the conversion take place? Marketing with Singh helps you answer those questions.

eCommerce modern uI UX basel

Client : Soul Flavours

Work : Website + eCommerce + Identity

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Client : Edraj Real Estate
Work : interactive
travels and tours theme
Client : Arabian Oasis Adventure
Work : Microinteractions

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