How we helped:

Website Development


Basel, Switzerland

A brand creation that taps in to your skin

Who are they?

DermafolinTM is a medical skin care product for the local and rapid accumulation of bioactive folates. It is for daily use on sensitive or dry skin areas. Dermafolin is also used as an accompanying treatment in skin therapy which is being developed by the company Primovis Health AG in Switzerland.

Challenge and Solution

A website showcasing the Dermafolin product was to be developed within a tight timeframe and also adhering to the brand guidelines. This was the first ever digital presence of the product which needed to attract attention of key stakeholders.

The website was built by pushing the boundaries of what is possible and wanted to find a way of showcasing creativity. We developed the website design and build using the brand colours, elements and simple animations to stir interest and curiosity amongst the audience.