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Basel, Switzerland is Switzerland’s upcoming Indian Business network.

Who Are they?

It is a listing platform where business having an Indian connection will be able to register onto the platform for free and be able to promote their products and services for free. This gives them an unique marketing opportunity to position themselves as a verified vendor by

Challenge and Solution

Consumers in Switzerland have limited options from where they could get information to Indian establishments in Switzerland. This is related to food, fashion, dance, music, yoga, meditation, ayurvedic practice, consumable products/services, the list goes on. Solopreneurs and SME’s need to rely on creating and promoting their business webpages or rely extensively on Facebook, Instagram and Google to advertise themselves. This practice involves time to prepare flashy content, knowledge of the algorithm to these social media channels and cost to advertise if they would like to gain attention of their target audience., is introducing a platform where solopreneurs and SME’s (vendor) can list and promote their establishment onto the platform for free. They would be able to create their own profile and upload images, videos, description, message, blog, social media integration, reviews, hours of operation, promotions in the form of vouchers and even products/services on to the marketplace. is developed, maintained and managed by Marketing with Singh.