How we helped:

Website Development, Marketing Strategy


Basel, Switzerland

A website designed to grow with the business

Who are they?

Rui Pinheira Group offers a range of personalized and bespoke culinary services to meet the needs of their Swiss clients. Their main focus is on providing personal chef and concierge services that are tailored to their unique needs and preferences. The group is lead by the professional star chef Rui Pinheira who designs healthy meals with an emphasis on health and wellness combining classical culinary techniques with hand picked ingredients to boost nutrition.

Challenge and Solution

Rui Pinheira Group recognised the need for a dynamic brand and an informative website. It was essential that the new website not only looked good but could evolve and adapt with the growth of the business.

The strategy for the website was therefore not just about design but on customisation with the addition of every new chef and masterclass. We had created a website that could be easily adapted by the team which are congruent to the brand design guidelines for Rui Pinheira Group.